Are we timetravellers

I think that we always time travell because every second pass you time travel to the future but astronauts always travel ahead of us by just nanoseconds it really not the long of a time but still they travel ahead of us so I watch something that time travel does not affect the traveller but […]

Time travel theory:Past

So I was thinking if you travelled to the past and manage to make your life better your maybe better if you travel to the past and change  something you will chage history some people that died did not died something that invented would not be invented because of that one change you made in […]

Time travel future

So about time travelling to the future if travel lets say 20 years from now their will be two of you existing in the same timeline that is if your still alive 20 years from now but you can predict the things that going to happen 20 years later.that’s it from this is just my […]

Time travel theory

So i was thinking about how time travel works so this is my theory if travel time and alternate the present yout ganna change something now if change some events my not happen example you manage to stop ww1 by stopping the assasination of arch duke franz ferdinand so if ww1 was stop ww2 did […]